Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Shoe Game Just Changed...

Introducing the Under Armour SpeedForm.  This is the shoe that's about to change the shoe business as far as manufacturing.  The SpeedForm is basically a bra for your feet as Under Armour's Senior Director of Footwear Dave Dombrow explains.  The upper is a seamlessly construction with a heel cup made of one material.  Think of it as a comfortable pair of socks built for running.

What makes this shoe so interesting is that the upper was made in a bra factory!  Yes, that's right, a bra factory.  Why?  Because that industry specializes in making products that fit the body comfortably.  Nice approach to solving performance issues with running shoes.  Needless to say I WILL be buying these in late June.  Will you?  Click the link below to read up on this!

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