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The Adidas Adizero 3.0 features a new ankle brace and cushioning technology.  Click on the link below to get more information!

Here it is people....the PowerForce CTR.  This was my submission for this year's footwear design competition.  The goal of the competition was to simply design the "you" shoe incorporating technology never before seen in the current market.  Since I love cars and their fast, aggressive lines and of course their performance....designing this running shoe just made sense to me.  The back heel cushioning system was inspired by the Humvee Airless Tire pictured.  So the name CTR comes from three things: cars, tires, and running.  I really love this shoe...I just hope that I win now!  Outsole and more renderings coming soon!

Here it is...the Converse Weapon X. Inspiration from a Michael DiTullo sketch and shark body lines incorporating gills in the heel counter and triangular shapes. They also have Converse's new outsole technology...Balls Technology. Go out and kill the competition with these!

Check out the future of Nike Basketball.....the Nike Future.
Low-top sneaker designed for Rocawear.

Nike Women's Plus....a running shoe designed for that special female in your life. Haha

Here is a series of shoes I completed for a client (possible employer, fingers crossed). They consist of a discount mens running shoe, a branded womens casual/athletic shoe, a branded boy's shoe, and a discount girls shoe. What you think?
Shoe Designs

Q. Designs Lifestyle Series 2....another Dior inspired shoe.

The Q. Designs Lifestyle...this is a shoe that was inspired by Dior's Homme sneaker. I designed this for a firm in NY, let's hope it gets sampled!

The Nike Cali Lifestyle. This is the third design of the Nike Lifestyle collection. I wanted the style to capture the eye of the "skater" type. The upper is made of suede and the tag on the upper quarter represents the California flag. These joints would make anybody jealous of you.

The New York Lifestyle...the graphics on the quarter are maps of the city and the heel counter has the texture of cracked concrete (skyscrapers).

A lifestyle I designed for Nike using the "Miami Nights" colorway from the LeBron 8. This shoe will capture your attention just like the Miami Nights....BET ON IT!

Inspiration....Air Jordan XI.

The Adidas Adizero Trainer X2. The second series of trainers I've designed for Adidas. What do you think?

Adidas Adizero Trainer X

Nike LeBron X

Peak Sports Commander II

Jordan Trainer 2.3

Nike Flightposite IV Concept I designed.

The Reebok ZB-3....the next level in breathability for basketball shoes.

Reebok ZB-4.

KD Pro-Series....Hyperfuse at it's finest.

This is the shoe I rendered for my first featured Photoshop/Illustrator tutorial for the SCAD IDSA Student Chapter.

The Nike Huarache Beta.  Taking advantage of the new material by the name of Beta Gel...which is an incredible shock-absorbing gel.  Makes for a great shoe technology.

Concept for the next Nike Flow running shoe...the Flow II.

This shoe is named the Nike Flow.  With a mix of patent leather and golf-ball textured upper you can't go wrong!  The lines of this shoe comes from one of the lightest things we know...wind.

This shoe was inspired the Nissan GT-R. If you lay a photo of the car on top of the shoe, you will see that the lines of the strap and mesh area resemble the outline of the side windows and door.

I call this the Melo Knickerbocker.  Designed for Carmelo with the Knicks colorway.  Next signature shoe?  Let's hope.

This shoe means alot to me because it was my first design to get featured on Coroflot.  Hard work and dedication does pay off.  Introducing the Nike Rocket.

I call it the Nike Torpedo.  Sleek and explosive.

I love Supra's and their style so I decided to design a women's shoe based off of the classic Pac-Man game.  Women can be fly too right?

Of course fellas, you get yours too.

A sneaker I designed for an European shoe company called Scruffs.

The Jordan Premier 2.3.  Legendary.

The Nike Incognito was designed for the 2011 Nike Sole Competition.

I designed this as Kobe's next signature shoe based off of the Kobe II.  That was when he was still endorsed by Adidas of course.