Colorway I designed for Bear Paw.


Speed Shark XXL

CFX Challenger

Simple Footwear Killer

DNA Hiker II

Simple Footwear Raider HI


Scruffs Animal

Scruffs TR-X

Rocawear Sailor 

Kapriol C-Flex

Kapriol C-Flex

Boss 101

DFT Stealth

C-Flex Bronco

C-Flex Duro

The Nubo was a concept I designed during my NYC Internship.  The idea behind it was because of construction workers.  After a long day of work, they usually go back to their vehicle and put on another pair of shoes because they don't want to get their interiors dirty from their work boots.  To solve that problem...why not have the outsole removable?

Nubo Explanation