Thursday, December 19, 2013

Q.Designs NO.2 Premiere

What up world!  So the hype on the Q.Designs NO.2 has been WILD to say the least!  So to make my customers happy I'm willing to release the crowdfunding campaign earlier for this particular style earlier than what was expected if at least 80 people pledge via my website: before Christmas.  Click the SHOP tab and you'll see the pledge bracket...there is no money due upfront!

Initially, I wanted to launch the entire line around February but due to overhead costs and Chinese New Year pushing production back, that date wouldn't be until Summer 2014 and you wouldn't have the shoes in your hands until Fall 2014 sometime.  With the campaign for the NO.2 possibly launching earlier, you can expect to have this shoe in your hands in Summer 2014.

So this is the public's chance to prove how much they want this shoe!  It's up to you guys! Share this with family and friends that may be interested!  I truly appreciate all of the support and kind words regarding the brand.  I look forward to possibly giving you something to rock on your feet sooner than later!  

*Note that this NO.2 will release as the Base Model.  The shoe that you guys see in the rendering will be the Elite Model, which will come with performance outsole and insole...this will release later in the year for 2014. 

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