Thursday, September 26, 2013

James Howe: Howe Concepts

It's my pleasure to introduce you to James Howe.  Who is James Howe?  He's a 19 year old aspiring designer from a small country called Wales in the UK.  He's currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Product Design.  To top it off, he's also designing a sneaker for a premier  soccer team in the UK.  

I originally saw James samples on Instagram and they intrigued me because they were so clean and dope!  But after conversing with him and getting to know him better, his story was significant to me because he's only 19 years old and trying to make an impact in something he loves to do.  AT 19.  It just goes to show you that age has nothing to do with the passion for success and drive.  Read below a little about him and his inspirations.

"My main inspirations would probably be from buying so many sneakers, playing basketball for the past 5 years and being interested in sport in general, always wanting to make a mark on the the world by making great shoes, changing the game of basketball, and also growing up watching LeBron and Kobe, and of course Jordan.  I've always watched interviews and stuff about Tinker Hatfield, he's the main guy."

"I have a few shoe designs that have new technology I've created.  I need to have a sit down with other designers and manufactures to create some of the shoes, not the average every day shoe haha."

"I also have a new basketball shoe that I'm getting made, that's my second shoe, inspiration came from the Jordan XX8 and the Nike Mag, a shoe that's really out there and different, capture people, catch they're eyes."

These are the type of people I admire.  The types that go after what they want and takes risks to get there.  We only live once guys...let's make our dreams happen NOW.  Click the link below to check the Howe Concepts website to shop for this dope creation!

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