Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TJ Bransfield

If you haven't heard of this gentleman you have been sleeping WAY too long!  A former colleague of mine by the name of TJ Bransfield is someone with major skill and talent.  With experience in Industrial Design and major in Illustration, he has taken his skills to another level. 

Above are just four prints that he has conceptualized.  TJ says he has always been inspired by pop art, futurism, and cubism.  "Andy Warhol always taken everyday objects and glamorized them through his art, I basically wanted to do the same thing but in my own style.  I'm looking to brand myself as selling prints, but not just through my website.  I'd like to get into a few boutique type stores, etc.  Hopefully everyone will start seeing my stuff in different places."

With this sick style, I don't see why he wouldn't blow up very soon.  Click the links below to check out some more prints he has designed....you won't be disappointed!  He also is a tattoo artist.  All can be seen via the two links below...check him out!

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