Tuesday, November 12, 2013

PEAK Team Lightning TP9 Review

PEAK!!  WE ARE COMING!!  I love being a part of this "under-the-radar" brand because our potential is so HUGE in this US market.  If you're not familiar with the brand, PEAK is one of the biggest Chinese basketball brands out there next to Li-Ning.  We have multiple signed NBA athletes. Some of our bigger names include George Hill, JaVale McGhee, Tony Parker, and Shane Battier.

What you see above is Tony Parker's signature shoe.  This shoe has been huge for our company because people are really recognizing that our technology within the shoe really works!  If you're looking for true performance, then this is the shoe for you.  Multiple great reviews have been written about it, and now one of the leaders in sneaker blogs has confirmed the hype as well.

Take a look at what CounterKicks had to say about the TP9 performance.  Also, get ready for next year...that's when some of my own personal designs will drop!

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