Wednesday, May 15, 2013


HELLO WORLD!!  EMBRACE because this will be Kanye-like rant!  Rant about what??  SUCCESS!  How bad do you want it?  No, how bad DO YOU WANT IT!  Is it just a fairy tale that you like to read from other celebrities and athletes?  Or is it actually something you want a piece of too? 

Do you sleep or quit when things get tough?  Then you don't want it!  If you give in after all of your hard work then you've given up on hope!  You've given up on your destiny!  You were made to be great!  Why wouldn't you believe that?  Because the path to success is taking longer than what you expected??

How many years did it take before mankind landed on the moon?  How many years before mankind was even airborne??  Either way you look at it, mankind completed the quote-on-quote "impossible"!  Why can't you?!

GET UP and get motivated for the change you can make in this world!  You're only here once, make the best of it!  Your goals in life are on the other side of this tough mountain.  You're constantly weighed down with doubters and obstacles but you're only a few steps away from the top!  After that, the way down is so much easier and gratifying!  So why turn back now??!  

Join the movement people!  We are on the verge of so much greatness!  Once greatness is accomplished strive for awesomeness!  Why stop at greatness?  THAT'S BEEN DONE ALREADY!  THINK BIGGER!

So in conclusion, EMBRACE your future.  EMBRACE the doubters.  EMBRACE those sleepless nights.  EMBRACE the race!  The race to success!  You laced up yet??

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