Friday, December 28, 2012

Power Force Exo-Lete


Introducing innovation.  Introducing a new way to keep your feet cool while balling.  Introducing extreme style.  Introducing the Power Force Exo-Lete.  The Exo-Lete features "Exo-Tech", which is basically a system that allows the shoe to release hot air via an exhaust system.  This system gives you two things: comfort and an advantage.  With less heat equals less perspiration, which in turn equals less weight.  This is a purely an elite-performance shoe...hence the name.  EXO-LETE.  Feel free to share your thoughts on this one...all considerations may be taken! 
Power Force Renderings


  1. Amazing styling and innovation, definitely taking it to the next lever with this design.

    1. Much appreciative man! Trying to develop something never seen before.

    2. Man you just keep pumpin out fresh kicks!