Thursday, October 11, 2012

D-Wade Speaks on Li-Ning Deal

I just read a GREAT interview via Sole Collector regarding the recent Dwayne Wade sneaker deal with Li-Ning.  After hearing all of the details about why he decided to leave Jordan and explanations of some of the design queues of his new shoe, I most admit that I actually like the the shoe MORE now.  Initially I wasn't too fond of the design, but now I am.  He also made a point inside of the interview that resonated with me due to the fact that I am Lead Footwear Designer for Power Force Apparel.  "Unfortunately, the consistent sense is that Chinese shoes are cheap. Well, every shoe is made at the same manufacturers in China. Every shoe comes from the same place and from similar materials. Hopefully that perception will make its way out the door and we can put out good product and fashionable product that people will want to represent."  That completely represents my goal for Power Force to a T!  Click the link below to read his journey so far with Li-Ning.
Sole Collector Interview with Li-Ning

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