Thursday, August 23, 2012

LeBron vs. Working Mom

This poster got alot of people talking today via our fan page on Facebook.  The reason that I designed this poster and shared it because we as a company think that people should start questioning the ridiculous prices going on in the sneaker culture.  We all know that young children look up to these athletes, which who hasn't, but it gets to a point where there should be a limit on the cost these companies sell their shoes.  The LeBron X is dropping at $315.  That's ridiculous.  LeBron is a great person with extreme dedication on what people will pay for and wear.  Why doesn't he and other people of power say, "No that's too much for that shoe...I won't allow it to sell for that much.  I'd rather not be endorsed if it sells for that much."  When we will see that come to reality?  Probably never...this is why we salute the working mom.  This is why we do what we do here at Power Force. Click the link below to view the video that premiered on MSN today about the LeBron X.
LeBron X Controversy

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