Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Apparently this design has a lot of controversy lately.  It's being compared to a fellow footwear designer Austin Jermacans concept from 4Cent.  This is truly a weird coincidence.  I've never ran across Austin's concept based on the 430 Ferrari Scuderia, I've just been notified today that it actually exists!  But I am a fair competitor by all means and would never straight "copy" someone else's design KNOWING that it's not my own original design.  The only thing that I used from Austin's render was the silhouette because I simply liked the shape...the inspiration I pulled from all areas of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia.  So with that said I will drop out from the Floyd Mayweather competition.  BUT as I said before, I am a natural born competitor, so I will design a TOTALLY new concept and post...and I WILL NOT re-enter into the competition.  The point that will be proved here is that I am not that designer that needs to copy ANY designer what so ever...I've never been that way and won't settle to be put into that category.  I wish all who entered this competition the best of luck!  No hard feelings.

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