Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dongguan, China!!!

So today marks the day of the beginning of something great!!  MY FOOTWEAR CAREER!!  I've learned that I'll be working in Dongguan, China next month designing Athletic Boots for the company I interned with this past summer in Brooklyn...Simple Footwear Group.  This will be a HUGE opportunity for me to learn about manufacturing of the shoes I design...something that young designers like myself sometimes have to wait YEARS to gain knowledge about!  I will actually be inside of the factory where my designs are being samples WILL be made!!  Stay tuned for photos!  I'm blessed to say that hard work actually pays off when you stay dedicated....anything is possible!  Next move...flight to NY on Valentine's Day for shoe design/development!  #motivated [Q]

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  1. Hi Quintin, came across your blog after googling images of Dongguan. I'm heading over there next week to visit some factories, would love to hear your opinion of the city. Hope all went well for you.

    Kind regards,