Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Senior Thesis: High Heels

Here are the rendering for the top 3 picks for my Senior Thesis.  Even though Concept 3 was the number pick, I feel like Concept 2 looks better.  What do you think??


  1. Whats up Q its John-Malek !
    i like your designs man all three of them are really dynamic but i have a preference for design num3. that said i enjoy the heel more on design num2.
    design num 2 is really cool too but its a little too masculin it reminds me of a snowboard binding a little...

    cheers they look great

  2. I really think concept 2 is strong, and I can see that being in a celebrity's closet.

  3. I realy like number 2 it catches my eye and is pleasing. 3 is nice too but maybe a tad to sporty and the heel doesn't draw my attention.

  4. Thanks guys...much appreciative of the feedback.