Thursday, October 13, 2011

Senior Thesis: High Heels: Final Round

So here is the final round of sketching for my Senior Thesis.  The concept will solve the problem being uncomfortable by embedding the soft, shock absorbing qualities of Beta Gel in the front where the metatarsals (ball of foot) rests.  Also the heel will have a system where she can remove the heel and exchange it for a smaller height heel for more comfort.  This also brings in the aspect of multiple color, material, and style variations because we all know ladies love to have options!  This shoe will be pitched towards the higher-end market of high heels due to the new technology of Beta Gel and exchangeable heels.  So NOW...I need YOU LADIES to pick the style of high heel you like the most so I can prototype it!  Chose ONE from the 12 concepts above please.  THANKS!